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roof restoration & maintenance services Adelaide

Repair of the roof of a private house is carried out to restore the roof covering, fix leaks, extend the life of all structures and materials. Depending on the degree of damage, there are emergency, current and major repairs.

In economic terms, it is more advantageous to carry out an annual preventive inspection and respond to the first negative signs. This will minimize damage and reduce the cost of repairing defects. Problems requiring urgent repairs include:

  • Leaks resulting from damaged roofing integrity, clogged gutters, and water stagnation.
  • Accumulation of moisture in the underlay area. The cause often lies in the wrong waterproofing, inadequate or absent ventilation, damage to the vapor barrier or laying it the wrong side.
  • Defects associated with physical deterioration of materials: corrosion, fading or degradation due to ultraviolet light.
  • Deformations of the roof: sagging of rafters due to errors in the calculation of loads, destruction by pests and microorganisms.

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