What is a quality roof

What is a quality roof

The house takes on a finished look only after it is covered by a roof. Manufacturers offer a wide range of modern roof coverings. Prices for roofing materials allow arranging a roof for every taste, and using the services of our company, the total cost can be significantly reduced.

The design and construction of the roof chosen in view of the load-carrying capacity of the walls, operating loads, climatic conditions, and many other factors that determine its durability, cost and aesthetic appeal.

All roofs are divided into flat and pitched (hipped), represented by the following types:

  • Single-pitch. Used mainly for outbuildings and garages.
  • Saddle roofs. They have corners of the lines of intersecting planes (ridges) are directed outward from the attic space.
  • Multi-slope. Have the most complex profile with ridges and lines of intersection, the corners of which are directed into the attic space.

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