Roofing design and installation in Adelaide

Roofing design and installation in Adelaide

The construction of the roof begins with the project. To start the design of the roof, the following requirements must be met:

  • Do not overload the supporting structure.
  • Make a quality waterproofing of the roof.
  • Choose the right materials for thermal insulation.
  • Create a pleasant design.

One of the most important requirements in the design of the roof structure is given to the appearance. Maintaining the proportions, calculate the height of the roof, interior or exterior corners. It is very important to fit the roof in the architectural design of the building. That is the process of designing the roof takes place at the design stage of the building.

Under the appearance of facades selected roof color, type of roofing, and the internal arrangement of rooms to create the necessary geometry of the roof. When reconstructing an existing roof, you must first measure the design, assess the condition of the foundation and walls, to calculate the load. All the above work is done by the specialists of our company!