Roof sealing Adelaide

Roof sealing Adelaide

One of the key points of building a house is the sealing of the roof. It is not enough to properly lay the roof covering, you must also reliably insulate problem areas (joints, the location of additional elements) from rain and wind. In addition, the sealing of the roof is necessary:

  • To insulate against the penetration of atmospheric moisture;
  • to provide insulation and waterproofing, to eliminate thermal bridges;
  • protection of threaded joints from corrosion;
  • to extend the life of the roof structure.

Basically, such protective methods are subjected to the problematic areas of the roof. Namely:

  • gaps between roofing sheets; joints of hipped roofs;
  • Between profiled sheeting and support beam;
  • At the overlap of roofing materials;
  • joints of roofing and chimney; the places of fixing the roof;
  • fastening of roofing materials such as insulation and foils.

To seal the roof use materials such as sealing tape, polyurethane foam roof seals and viscous sealants based on liquid rubber. Looking for roof restoration near me? Contact the experts at our company!