Roof repairs in Parafield Gardens


Repair of the roof of a private home should begin with an examination. That is, it is necessary to fully investigate the design of the roof, and then make a list of works. But there are nuances, and they are based on the replacement of roofing material. For example, if you decide to replace the asphalt shingles with ceramic, it will have to perform a complete reconstruction of the roof. Because the heavy ceramic will simply crush the lightweight rafter system, which was once placed under the lightweight soft roof.

There are two technological schemes by which to carry out major repairs of roofs:

  1. Complete dismantling followed by the assembly of a new structure.
  2. A phased version, when the repair of slopes one by one.

The first option has a disadvantage – it is better to carry out it in the summer, when there are no rains. Often masters pull a tent over the house, which covers the structure from atmospheric precipitation. But it is inconvenient to work under a canopy. Therefore, more often roofers resort to the second scheme. If you need roof repair in Parafield Gardens – contact our company!