Roof coating: peculiarities of choice

Roof coating: peculiarities of choice

Attractive appearance – not the most important factor determining the choice of roofing. There are more important points that must be taken into account.

  • The shape of the roof. If it has a complex configuration, not all types of coatings are suitable.
  • Load on the roof structure. Includes the total weight of precipitation and wind loads. The rafter system should not be overloaded.
  • Performance characteristics. Important mechanical strength, reliability, durability, fire safety, corrosion resistance.
  • Purpose of the building. If it is a household outbuilding, economic efficiency will be more important, for a residential building – durability.
  • Features of installation. Cladding is laid on the pre-equipped base. Therefore, it is worth evaluating the complexity and cost of arrangement of the entire roofing system, including the base and finish coating.

Modern roofing materials have excellent decorative functions, durability and functionality. In addition to protection from precipitation, the roof covering protects against wind and sunlight.