Ridge capping in Mawson Lakes


The ridge of the roof of the house is a useful element, necessary to create the top of the roof. It unites the roofing material and completes the whole “composition”. One of our company’s popular services is ridge capping in Mawson Lakes. The roof ridge is designed to serve several basic functions:

  1. Protection from water after rain or snow melt.
  2. Creating the right gap to ventilate the space under the roof – so that the coating dried up after the rain.

These two tasks can be solved immediately, if the right approach to the choice of material. Particular attention should be paid to the shape of the ridge. The main element (in addition to the body), which is installed on all ridge, you can include a waterproofing layer that protects the roof from water. If the house is located in a windy area, then the manufacturers install on the material sealing elements that will prevent the wind from entering the underlay area.