Maintenance and overhaul of the roof: the differences

Maintenance and overhaul of the roof: the differences

Routine repair – a set of measures to correct deficiencies in the roof from the start of operation until the next major repair. Its rate of occurrence is determined by the level of wear and tear of certain elements of the roofing pie.

Evaluate the correct state of the roof can only be a master with the appropriate skills. A specialist must carefully review all the major components and assess in what condition is each of the layers. After that, he will be able to make an expert conclusion and say whether a soft roof repair is needed. The main types of current repairs are:

  • Installation in its place or replacement of damaged sheets of coverage, ripped off by strong gusts of wind;
  • Fixing small cracks, openings and fissures;
  • restoration or replacement of the roofing felt or screed in some places;
  • Fixing other minor damage.

If you need to make capital or maintenance repairs to the roof – contact our All-Side Roofing company. Experienced craftsmen will assess the condition of your roof, select the necessary materials and make professional repairs.