How to properly make a soft roof

How to properly make a soft roof

Soft roof in recent years is becoming increasingly popular, as it is characterized by durability and reliability. Manufactured asphalt shingles using fiberglass, impregnated with petroleum bitumen and treated with stone chips. In this article we will consider how to make a soft roof, taking into account the features of this roofing material.

There are many types of roofing on the market. When choosing a material, you should consider the following features of the laying and operation of the roofing material:

  • Before installation, it is necessary to prepare the surface of the roof.
  • When using a self-adhesive bituminous layer installation work is carried out at an air temperature of 15 degrees.
  • For fixing shingles used nails.
  • For installation does not require the use of special equipment.

Our company installs soft roofs in homes in and around Adelaide. We recommend asphalt shingles as it has a number of advantages: it is durable, non-waste, maximum tightness, quiet and costs less than other types of roofing. Do you have questions? Call us!