How to choose a paint for a metal roof?

How to choose a paint for a metal roof?

Metal roofing has one drawback – it must be painted. In this article, let’s consider what paint materials are used to paint the roof of the house, what technologies are used for this. The information obtained will help you to understand all the subtleties of the process.

Paint for metal roofing must have some important properties:

  • Not to interact with the metal in terms of the formation of corrosion;
  • Have a plastic structure that would provide a uniform stretching of the applied layer in the process of thermal expansion of metal sheets under the influence of sunlight and positive air temperatures;
  • not to crack at sub-zero temperatures and under the influence of ultraviolet light;
  • Have good adhesive properties.

Therefore, any water-based paint materials for painting roofs are not used. Do not use alkyd and oil paints. And although these two varieties were previously used to paint the metal roof – it had to repaint with enviable consistency, which affects the cost of maintaining roof structures.