Features of the flat roof

Features of the flat roof

The slope angle of a flat roof does not exceed 12°. Completely horizontal roofs are not used in practice – due to the difficulty of draining precipitation. Another important condition for the organization of a flat roof is tightness. Since at a weak drain or in the period of heavy rainfall, the water begins to stagnate and penetrate through the ceiling. Listed below are the advantages of a flat roof:

  • Minimum footprint, saving on building materials.
  • The least amount of time and effort for the erection.
  • Convenience of subsequent work – installation of antennas, ventilation units and other equipment.
  • The possibility of creating additional useful areas, such as a terrace.

Disadvantages are stagnating snow, increasing the load on the rafter system, the need for quality waterproofing and constant control of humidity of insulating materials.