Design features of modern roofing

Design features of modern roofing

Modern roofs are complex technological systems consisting of several layers. These systems are called a roofing pie because of the multilayered structure. The functions of the structural base are performed by the rafters, which are made of softwood. The section size of the rafters depends on the size of the layers or the total weight of the roofing pie.

On the layer of decorative cladding mounted vapor barrier. It serves to eliminate the flow of vapor from the inner rooms in the insulation layer, which prevents the formation and accumulation of condensation.

Behind a layer of vapor barrier is made counter-batten on which the sheathing itself is fastened. The layer of empty space formed between the layers of sheathing boards and the main sheathing, is a natural ventilation for the entire roofing pie.

If the building will be placed in the living quarters, you need a insulating layer. It is made of polystyrene foam or similar materials. Solid fiberglass-based boards may be used. Insulation boards are usually placed in the space between the rafters and create a barrier to protect against all climatic influences. Want to make a reliable roof – call us!