Advantages of roof membrane

Advantages of roof membrane

Membrane roofing was first used more than 40 years ago. During this time, products have not lost popularity. Now this roof is actively used in Europe, gradually increasing in popularity in Australia. This is due to a number of advantages of the material. Namely:

  • Durability. Service life ranges from 20 to 60 years.
  • Fire resistance. The composition includes fire protection components, which exclude the ignition of the material.
  • Heat and water insulation.
  • Low weight. On flat roofs, the load on the supporting structures and the foundation should be minimal.
  • Resistance to external natural factors such as low and high temperatures, precipitation, high humidity, ultraviolet radiation and others.
  • Vapor permeability. Moisture vapor appears under the roof, condensation is formed. Moisture, remaining in the layers of the roof, begins to destroy the entire structure. Membrane coating eliminates such an outcome, increasing the service life of the roof.

Membrane roof coating can be used on uneven surfaces. Our specialists will make you a membrane roof of the best quality!